Are You Prepared for Your HRSA Operational Site Visit? We Can Help!

Are you prepared for your HRSA operational site visit (OSV)?

If you haven’t had a site visit under the new compliance manual, PETTIGREW FQHC can help.

We offer preparatory assistance to ensure you’ll be compliant.

We can assist remotely or come on site and mimic the visit you will receive.

The dry run will put your staff at ease and we’ll help remedy non-compliant findings prior to the actual OSV.

If you're interested in learning more or scheduling a preparatory "mock" site visit, please contact us.

P.S. You're going to want to check out these OSV-related blog posts for updated protocols and other tips to ensure your health center doesn't miss a thing during your site visit!...

HRSA Operational Site Visit (OSV) Updated Protocols and Tips

Running a successful FQHC is hard work (we know because we’ve done it!)

Health centers present their own unique challenges, which often require expertise in many different areas. The PETTIGREW FQHC team uses our specialized knowledge and network of relationships to help you solve your biggest operational and financial challenges so your health center can thrive.

If you have a problem, chances are we have dealt with something similar or know someone else who has. With PETTIGREW FQHC on your team, you can rest assured that you will be equipped to meet any challenge, secure in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.

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