Getting ready for your HRSA Site Visit? Don't miss these protocol changes!

(from HRSA Primary Health Care Digest Newsletter)

2019 Site Visit Protocol Update Now Available for Preview 

HRSA has updated the Site Visit Protocol (SVP) in response to feedback from stakeholders, including health centers, strategic partners, site visit team reviewers, and HRSA staff. No changes were made to the Compliance Manual or to Health Center Program requirements.

The 2019 SVP Update is now available for public preview. It will go into effect for site visits that start after Thursday, April 18.

As part of HRSA’s commitment to continuous quality improvement, the updated SVP increases clarity and continues to provide HRSA the information necessary to perform its oversight responsibilities using a standard and transparent methodology that aligns with the Compliance Manual. Check out the summary of the changes and 2019 SVP Update Frequently Asked Questions.

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