Don't Miss the Boat: There's Still Time to Get Help Writing Your NAP!

Dear Readers,

If you’re still considering hiring someone to write a strong application for the recent NAP funding opportunity, get in touch soon - We have some capacity, but it’s limited. The March 12th deadline for will be here before you know it!

And for those of you brave souls who are writing your own NAPs, here are some helpful grant-writing resources (which can also be found in the FQHC Resources section).

  • UDS Mapper

  • can create custom maps and tables of the health status in individual communities by showing populations at risk, health outcomes, and the distribution of health interventions.

  • HRSA Demographics Dashboard: This interactive tool combines population, income, age, and other Census data with HRSA grant funding, shortage areas, loan repayment, and scholarship awards.

  • The Community Commons website provides reports, maps and tools to strengthen planning and grant applications to help improve community outcomes.

Running a successful FQHC is hard work (we know because we’ve done it!)

Health centers present their own unique challenges, which often require expertise in many different areas. The PETTIGREW FQHC team uses our specialized knowledge and network of relationships to help you solve your biggest operational and financial challenges so your health center can thrive.

If you have a problem, chances are we have dealt with something similar or know someone else who has. With PETTIGREW FQHC on your team, you can rest assured that you will be equipped to meet any challenge, secure in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.

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