340B Registration Changes in 2017 (from BPHC)

(Source: BPHC Bulletin)

As you are aware, Health Center Program grantees and health center look-alikes are eligible to register and enroll in the 340B Drug Pricing Program to purchase discounted drugs. In addition, Health Center Program grantees and health center look-alikes are required to register new “active” sites that are not currently enrolled in order for the sites to purchase discounted drugs under the 340B Program. This quarterly registration period was available only to sites verified as “active” status in the health center’s scope of project within the standard two-week registration period.

However, starting on January 1, 2017, the 340B Program will accept Health Center Program grantee and health center look-alike registrations for a longer period of time within each quarter. Health centers will be able to register a site that has been verified as implemented and the site status is reflected as “active” in EHBs Form 5B after the standard two-week registration period (January 1-15, 2017) through March 10, 2017, after which the system will close to prepare for the April 1, 2017 start. A similar quarterly registration timeframe will be employed moving forward.

From the close of the two-week standard registration period through the end of the extended quarterly registration period, once a site is “active” in EHBs, the health center will need to contact the 340B call center to request a “one-time registration link.” Health centers will be asked to provide the following information to the 340B call center staff when requesting the link:

  • Health center name

  • Site/clinic name

  • Site IDs for all sites

  • HRSA/BPHC grant number

  • Contact name and email address

  • Authorizing official name and email address

The authorizing official (AO) will receive an email message with the one-time registration link from the Office of Pharmacy Affairs. The AO is encouraged to read the email and follow the instructions carefully. Clicking on the link will take the AO directly to the 340B Program registration database and begin the registration process. The one-time link is valid immediately and can be used multiple times within 24 hours. It will expire if not used within 72 hours of being sent. 

To reach the 340B call center that is operated by the 340B Prime Vendor Program, please contact: apexusanswers@340bpvp.com or 1-888-340-2787 (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST).

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