A Day of Demonstration for America's Health Centers #RedAlert4CHCs

(re-posted from NACHC's Health Center Advocacy Network)

As you may know, the next opportunity for Congressional action to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff is February 8. With this next opportunity for action, we need to heed the call and turn up the volume for Health Centers and their 27 million patients once again! 

We are designating Tuesday, February 6 as a Day of Demonstration for America’s Health Centers. There are countless ways you might choose to demonstrate on the sixth to demand immediate action to fix the cliff, but at a minimum we are asking Health Center Advocates to wear red in support as part of a #RedAlert4CHCs! Start making your plans today!

Health centers have been waiting for over four months for Congress to extend funding for health centers and fix a 70% funding cliff, putting the backbone of our country’s primary care system at risk. On Tuesday, February 6, hundreds of advocates will be in DC meeting with their Members of Congress to express the urgency of a long-term fix to the Health Center Funding Cliff.

You can make an impact in your communities by:

  • Wearing red to express the urgency of fixing the cliff!

  • Asking your friends, partners, and colleagues to do the same.

  • Posting on social media - #RedAlert4CHCs.

  • Passing out fliers to patients and the community.

  • Organizing a press event and submitting an Op-Ed.

  • Hosting a rally.

Template social media posts, shareable images, printable signs and flyers, and more are on the HCAdvocacy website. Tell Congress no more delays - they must take immediate action fix the Health Center Funding Cliff. There’s too much at stake!

You’ve made your calls and sent your emails - let’s try something new and DEMONSTRATE coast to coast on 2/6! Help send a message that's impossible for Congress to ignore – NOW is the time to fix the cliff!

Amanda Pears Kelly - Health Center Advocacy Network


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