Health Center Spotlight: Community Health Alliance Center for Complex Care - Reno, Nevada

It's no secret that chronic diseases and conditions, as well as mental health, are important factors in our health and, as such, need to be addressed by health care providers. Well, this innovative health center has set out to do just that!

The Community Health Alliance, an FQHC in Nevada, recently opened the Center for Complex Care (CCC), a health center focused on serving patients with chronic conditions and mental illness. 

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, the CCC uses a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach, offering patients physical, social, and behavioral health services in one location. According to Jason Crawford, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of the Community Health Alliance, “this team approach to medicine allows us to provide all of the necessary services in one appointment, which is more convenient for the patient."

Central to the CCC's strategy are personal care plans, which patients develop in collaboration with their care team. These personal care plans include strategies to overcome common barriers to health care like overeating, substance abuse and sleep deprivation.

For more information on the Center for Complex Care check out this article and the Community Health Alliance website. We hope to see more health centers following their example!

(Source:, Photo Credit: The Community Health Alliance)