Primary Care Association Consulting and Training Services

Prepare your members for the coming changes.

More than ever, the battle to protect and grow our programs will be fought in the states. PCAs and HCCNs will be facing increasing challenges with limited resources.

PETTIGREW FQHC believes that strong and vibrant Primary Care Associations are vital to the continued success of the Health Center Program. We provide training and technical assistance to many PCAs and their members.

Services Include Provision and Assistance with: 

  • Member training (webinars, conference presentations, standalone)

  • IT systems (RFP preparation, evaluation, implementation planning and management)

  • Strategic Planning and Visioning

  • IPA, MSO and MCO contracting, development, evaluation & management

  • Medicaid PPS and APM design and negotiation

  • PCMH recognition and mentoring

  • 340B compliance, auditing and contract negotiation

  • Revenue cycle improvement

  • OSV preparation

  • Service delivery site development and implementation

  • Development of residencies and training programs

  • Compensation programs

Trainings & Presentations:

Trainings, presentations, and webinars range in duration from 1 hour to multiple days, with audience levels from beginner to advanced. Custom programs are available. Following are some examples of presentations/trainings we have done:

  • 19 Program Requirements from a Fiscal Perspective

  • That Was Easy: Understanding Health Center Finances for Board Members

  • Beyond the UDS: Practical Strategies for CHC Data Utilization

  • Data Data Everywhere: Developing a Winning IT Strategy for Your Health Center

  • 340B: A Detailed Overview of the Program and Update on the "Mega-Guidance"

  • Building Sustainable Managed Care Arrangements

  • Board Training: Ensuring Health Center Compliance

Steve Weinman is staff lead for our Primary Care Association services. 

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