Needs Assessments

A Needs Assessment is a process used to identify and document health care issues in a community. Many times these assessments are done for a community as a whole, but sometimes they are needed to address a particular population that is underserved, such as people living with HIV/AIDS who are not under medical care, undocumented women and children who don't speak English, or seniors over 65.

The process should identify and prioritize the needs of the group being surveyed, any barriers to care or gaps in services, and emerging health trends. Health centers use the assessment findings in their annual planning process to prioritize spending, to plan for the future, and to seek funding. HRSA recommends that Needs Assessments be done every three to five years. A current needs assessment is a critical component to delivering effective services, as it allows providers to align their services to the communities' needs and ensure the delivery of quality care to underserved populations.

The methodology for a Needs Assessment should be designed based on the population of interest, the questions that need to be answered, and available resources. FQHC Germane collaborates with your health center's team to learn what you already know, and to understand what questions you need to have answered. We always combine data from primary research and secondary research, so we have objective results that can be quantified. Primary research is what we learn from interviews, surveys and focus groups. Secondary research involves mining internal and external data sources to learn all we can about the health of a community in order to project where it is headed. 

We perform numerous Needs Assessments every year for a wide variety of communities and audiences. If you think your health center could benefit from a new approach to Needs Assessments, let us help you design and administer a process that will give you the relevant, quality data you need.

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