• They GET IT.
    — Cheryl Vasconcellos, Hana Health
  • FQHC Germane has a superior level of expertise. They are helpful, timely, and reasonably priced.
    — Scott Burgess, David Lawrence Center
  • FQHC Germane understands all aspects of the FQHC world. They are smart and qualified, with excellent people skills.
    — Andy Behrman, Florida Association of Community Health Centers
  • The presentation Lesa Peterson made to our board along with her help assisting me in getting the FQHC-LA process under way have been invaluable.
    — Lydia Sciarrino, Whole Family Health Center
  • The FQHC Germane consultants are open and honest, but in a supportive manner. They were knowledgeable, focused on identified areas, and met all deadlines that were set.
    — Julie M. Shaw, JeffCare
  • We highly value the work performed and the enthusiastic spirit toward our future success.
    — Lisa Dettling, Nevada Health Centers
  • The FQHC Germane team is always available.
    — Christopher Irizarry, CL Brumback Primary Care Clinics
  • FQHC Germane is composed of very qualified individuals who have a vast amount of FQHC experience. They understand our mission and the challenges we face every day.
    — Anita Riels, Palms Medical Group
  • The team is flexible, responsive, and open.
    — Linda L. Stone, Ph.D., Community Health Centers of Sarasota County, Inc.
  • The team is extremely organized and informative. They have been tremendously helpful in getting us organized and prepared to complete our Look-Alike application.
    — Ibrahim Najamuddin, Community Care Network, Inc.
  • The FQHC Germane consultants are professional, knowledgeable, and personable.
    — Richard Mutarelli, Heart of Florida Health Center, Inc.