Grant Writing

FQHC Germane is experienced in securing federal grants with superior scores and high success rates from: HRSA, CDC, SAMHSA, CMS, national foundations and state and local governments.

Our team is competent in a variety of sectors, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, Behavioral Health, Ryan White, Population Health, and State Innovation Models.


To stay viable, health care organizations must work to expand resources. Funding opportunity submissions can be complex and your team might be challenged to carve out the time necessary to submit competitive funding proposals while balancing other priorities. There is significant value in utilizing FQHC Germane’s Health Access team to coordinate your grant development process, ensuring a technically sound proposal and lessening the burden on your human resources.


Throughout planning and development for grant submissions, FQHC Germane works with clients to create metrics, benchmarks, and targets that comply with Funding Announcement Opportunity parameters and ensure optimal compliance with submission requirements.

Grant Writing Process

We have established processes for engaging with community organizations to identify needs relevant to submission content. Three phases make up the grant writing process:


The grant writing process begins with outlining the submission requirements, identifying resources needed, establishing who is responsible for what, and creating a project timeline. The work plan is constructed based on the Funding Opportunity Announcement. The FQHC Germane team then reviews the scoring system with the client to ensure optimal point totals in highly competitive grant filings.


The FQHC Germane team works in tandem with the client to identify data sources, gather resources, and develop a concise justification for merit of the submission. Ownership of the submission belongs to the client organization. During this phase, organization stakeholders will have opportunities to provide feedback and adjust the narrative to ensure it meets their expectations.


After compiling the submission and ensuring submission requirements are being met, the client organization will send the final submission.

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