Webinar: Patient-Centered Care - From Concept to Reality

Patient-Centered Care - From Concept to Reality: Lessons from Geisinger and xG Health

Geisinger model of Advanced Medical Home as a foundation for successful population health management

Agenda includes:

1. Explore primary care as a foundation of population health improvement
2. Discuss key components of Geisinger approach to patient-centered medical homes (from primary care redesign to care management and analytics)
3. Share learnings and insights on how to accelerate and sustain results in a medical home
4. Discover how to get started and where to focus for early success


Population health management is a widely used industry term that refers to taking accountability and risk for your population of patients from wellness and preventative care to management of chronic conditions and single episodes of acute illness. Patient-centered medical homes are at the center of population health management. Medical homes are crucial in providing and supporting coordination of all aspects of each patient’s care. This webinar provides practical guidance on strategies and approaches essential for planning, implementing, and leading a patient-centered Advanced Medical Home.

The Pennsylvania-based Geisinger Health System is cited nationally as a leading edge model for innovative healthcare delivery. Geisinger’s model for patient-centered Advanced Medical Homes deliver strong results in reducing admissions, readmissions and costs. xG Health Solutions, Inc., an independent company that came out of Geisinger, has become the primary distributor of Geisinger’s intellectual property and expertise to other healthcare systems committed to value-based care. Geisinger and xG Health teams have implemented 139 medical homes with 70 percent of them beyond Geisinger’s service area.

To register or learn more about this webinar, please follow this link: http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/webinars/patient-centered-care-from-concept-to-reality-lessons-from-geisinger-and-xg-health.html