Welcome to FQHC Link, the source for FQHC information.

FQHC Link is produced and maintained by FQHC Associates as a means of disseminating information of interest to Federally Qualified Health Centers and those working with FQHCs. Our objective is to provide an online resource of reliable and relevant links to FQHCs and their partners.

The idea of a resource that can be shared among Community Health Centers goes back many years. In early 1994, before the World Wide Web and even email were prevalent, the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) had a dial up Bulletin Board System called Access. It was an early attempt to use technology to push information from BPHC down to the grantees. When asked how the grantees could communicate back to BPHC or to each other, we were asked why would we possibly want to do that?

In 1995 a couple of us put together a dial up electronic Bulletin Board System with dial up modems (remember those) that we called Community HealthNet. It was primitive, unreliable and expensive. When we finally pulled the plug on the thing, there probably weren't more than a dozen people who even noticed it was gone.

Then the Internet and the Web came into our lives. FQHC.org was first developed in 1999, and has gone through a number of iterations since then, until its re-launch as FQHC LINK.  Utilizing today’s tablet friendly technology, our focus is where it should be, on the content.  We are happy to welcome you into our community.

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